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Do you remember when your child was a baby and first started making noises? They would start out slowly as cooing, grunts, or babbles, and eventually they got louder. ¬†Sometimes squeals of delight may have sounded like screams from a horror film because the pitch would be so intense. These vocalizations from your baby would often catch the attention of surrounding strangers, sometimes causing parents to try to “shush” their loud child to conform to perceived social norms (sometimes passed down from generations – “children must be seen not heard”). Of course as parents we know that our baby was trying to find his or her voice. They were experimenting with their voice changing pitch, tone and volume perhaps to see the effects it had on their surrounding environment, but more likely for the sheer pleasure of vocalizing. Its instinctual for them, they practise this as a way of getting use to their voice and learning how to control it to express themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

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