Little Book of Self-Care for Parents (e-book)

The Little Book of Self-Care for Parents contains inspiring tips and creative exercises for parents on the go.  You’ll get easy self-reflective expressive arts activities and quick self-care ideas for busy parents along with inspiring parent affirmations.

In this day and age parenting can be so busy that we barely get a chance to take a few minutes for ourselves.  The little Book of Self-Care was written for the busy parent, with daily activities and inspiration to help you take the time you need for yourself.

Reasearch has supported that parental self-care has postive effects on children’s emotional health and behaviour.  As parents, we can’t be expected to take care of others to our best ability if we don’t take care of ourselves first.  


Want more? Ready to go deeper?  Get the full kit and be soothed by meditations while exploring your parenting creatively with the Parent Inspiration Workbook


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