The Parent Inspiration Toolkit: Emotional First Aid for Parents 

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What is included in this kit?

You’ll recieve 2 PDF e-books, & 5 Mp3s Instant Download!


That’s 21 days of Expressives Arts activities, easy and quick self-care exercises, and 5 guided meditations with original soothing music. That’s the Parent Self-Care Mp3 with Guided Meditations for your mind, body & soul PLUS the Accessing Positive Feelings Guided Visualization MP3

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The Parent Inspiration Tool-Kit is designed to help parents focus on themselves and their needs first, so that they are better equipped to guide their children.

 This is a fabulous tool for parents and an amazing resource for therapists Rahat Pye, MSW, RSW-Registered Social Worker & mother of two. Click here to see what others are saying . . .

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The Parent Inspiration Toolkit  Workbook with Accessing Positive Feelings Guided Visualization MP3

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Little Book of Self-Care for Parents (e-book)

with quick self-care ideas for busy parents.

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Parent Self-Care Mp3 with Guided Meditations for your mind, body & soul

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includes 4 different Guided Meditations with original music.

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Guided Meditation for Your Inner Child (13mins)

Delivery: High Quality MP3 – Instant Download

This guided meditation will take you on an adventure into your imagination where you will find several gifts waiting for you.

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Rainbow Energy Guided Meditation (10 mins)

Delivery: High Quality MP3 – Instant Download

This meditation will help you connect with your inner strengths and intuition.
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Warm Beach Guided Meditation (10mins)

Delivery: High Quality MP3 – Instant Download
This guided meditation will help you relax and connect with your inner calm.
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The Inner Sanctuary Guided Meditation (10mins)

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This guided meditation will guide you to a place within where you feel safe and at peace.

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What others are saying about the Parent Inspiration Toolkit:

The tool kit was helpful for me to affirm and acknowledge all the positive things I do as a parent. In a culture where we judge ourselves so harshly and can feel that we are being judged by others it is inspiring to know that we can turn inward to affirm and recognize what we are doing well as parents. 

I loved the way that the tool kit sets up activities, which are creative and can be so individualized to help each person begin an inward journey that matches their own personality and needs. The tool kit really uses creativity and expression in a new way.  It allows parents to make their own connections, without being prescriptive about how one “should parent” or what should be expected from them as parents.

Rahat Pye, MSW, RSW- Registered Social Worker & mother of 2.

I also really appreciated the way the tool kit weaves in attachment patterns in an very gentle manner, helping parents to look at what relationships have influenced them in their own parenting.  This is less prescriptive than other tools I have used.I really enjoyed how you could go at your own pace and I found it very unique how the tool kit created its own process for a parent to come to understand who they are and how they are in relationship to their child.  I think this element of the process is exceptional and could easily be used as a tool by therapists.

This is a fabulous tool for parents and an amazing resource for therapists because of its creativity and adaptability as well as how the exercises are set up to be non judgmental and to look at each persons individual strengths.

Rahat Pye, MSW, RSW- Registered Social Worker & mother of 2


Jo Crawford of Crafting the Sacred




As a hopeful parent-to-be I found OffBeat Family’s Parent Self-care Guided Meditations to be so helpful and loving in my path towards total self-acceptance. Petrea’s voice is soothing and nurturing throughout and I felt safely contained. I found her visualizations clear and easy to follow as I sank deeper into my own intuitive self. Each time I listen to these meditations I discover another nugget of self-confidence, playful energy and love for myself. My very favorite is the Inner Child Meditation with its earth-honoring energy that left me feeling centered to my sacred core. Beautifully produced powerful workings!”

Jo Crawford, Crafting the Sacred

Meg Goodmanson, mother & "Dancing Ninja"






I FINALLY dug into the Tool kit, and I wanted to let you know how wonderful it is! The meditations were fantastic -very calming, and with beautiful imagery and evocative language. I could really see and feel what you were talking about, and I felt refreshed and inspired after I was done. The collaging and journalling projects were fun and just-challenging-enough without being scary.  The whole kit feels like it’s going to be really helpful. You are doing such amazing work, Petrea!

Meg Goodmanson,  of Spirit Moves Dance,

*Great news! The Parent Inspiration Tool Kit is a digital product. Once you purchase this kit, you will be able to download it immediately!  No trees will be harmed and you can begin to connect more fully with your inner child and your intuitive parent.

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Sweet slumber kit for a sleep filled night

In this kit you will get:

  • Creative ways to engage your child in a restful sleep
  • Includes expressive arts activities to calm your child’s mind
  • Relaxation exercises to settle your child’s body
  • Mp3s relaxation short and longer version
  • Therapeutic stories

21 Days of Creative Parenting: Creative Activities to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual, we have the instincts inside us of how to support, guide and nuture our children as they grow. I really believe that we do have this inside of us. The problem is that sometimes these natural signals are overridden.  Parents today are often bombarded by all the different professional views or mainstream opinions of how we should parent our children.  It can be confusingand can undermine our confidence in our abilities in the already overwhelming position of being a parent.In this course you will get the tools you need to discover those parenting instincts which may have been buried or pushed aside in the heat of the moment.  It will help you connect with your nurturing side more fully and completely.  You have it in you!Some of you may feel that things are going well or okay, with this course we will build on your confidence and your nurturing intentions to add even more joy to the journey of parenting.You will be given creative exercises (no not the jumping jack kind) to spark more playfulnessand inject even more joy into the relationships you have with your children.