Navigating the Waters

Welcome to the second Metaphor Monday video. In this series I will explore a different metaphor each week viewing parenting from a different perspective. Enjoy!
Please post any comments below.



See you next week!

6 Responses to “Metaphor Monday #2: Parenting from a different perspective”

  • Yes……….ride the current and go with the flow…..if it doesn’t feel right, then negotiate! love it! We all have a choice………….
    And I love the background and the sound of the river……… 🙂
    I can’t believe your 7 year old is playing that digeridoo! amazing!

    • Isn’t it funny we sometimes need to be reminded to do things the easy way!?
      Yes water, water , I love its soothing sound!
      My 7 year old taught himself, I can’t even get the digeridoo to make a peep LOL!

  • Using canoeing and the water is a wonderful metaphor! Very well done! It’s true for life, not just parenting as well.
    There’s definitely a law of nature there.

  • Great metaphor. Your blog looks beautiful!

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