O Winter! ruler of the inverted year, . . . I crown thee king of intimate delights, Fireside enjoyments, home-born happiness, And all the comforts that the lowly roof Of undisturb’d Retirement, and the hours Of long uninterrupted evening, know.

William Cowper


We’ve been anticipating the cold weather here lately, with the coming of winter there seems to be a lot of shifts and changes that leave the best of us feeling a little under the weather, with little control over the impending changes:


more time spent indoors,

less room to move,

less time in the sun,

more time feeling in the dark,

more time in each other’s space,

less time in “outer” space.


I guess that’s why this time of year is a good time to delve into one’s inner world, reflecting on the year past and accepting perceived “good” and “bad”.  Just letting go, in anticipation of what is to come.  This year I plan to do this more formally with my family.  I envision us sitting in a circle on cushions as we listen to the resonating song of the singing bowl.  We each take turns passing our family talking stick around, as we reminisce about the good times had these past 11 months.


Yet there are so many things that can pull us in the other direction if we let them.  There is so much glitter and bright lights, that it sometimes becomes distracting.  It’s easy for me to forget to just sit with my family, spending time doing nothing or doing quiet things.


It is the time of year that many animals get ready to go into hibernation. Slowing down, resting, rejuvenating.


We can learn much from these practices.  The cold can signal us to slow down and take it easy.  With shorter days upon us, resting and relaxing makes sense.  It’s okay.   If  we can give ourselves permission to do “less” we might just find that we are actually doing more for our family.  More time snuggling, more time laughing, more time noticing simple pleasures, more time just allowing things to unfold.


The stillness of the approaching winter  can be a reminder to embrace the quiet within.   It is an opportunity to connect with ourselves and our children through nature’s wisdom. An opportunity for our children to experience our connection to nature and what we can learn from her.


How will you embrace upcoming change with your family?





15 Responses to “Embracing Change”

  • I am also inspired by the approaching winter and dreaming up ways to celebrate my inner journey and hibernation. I appreciate your ideas!

  • This is a lovely post Petrea, i always find it so unnatural that we push ourselves out into crowds for shopping and parties and gatherings at this time of year when our natural instinct is to go within and be quiet and snugglesome. We are doing a lot of family snuggling under a duvet when darkness falls, cat too! Love your idea of passing the talking stick to reflect on the previous 11 months. We will definitely do that xxxxx

    • Yes, it is unnatural indeed! Snuggling is so much better, and I think I read somewhere that it’s better for your immune system 🙂

  • Love this, Petrea. I cannot get enough of the reminders that it is natural to want to go within and rest this time of year. In preparation for this, I really enjoyed using my free time for reorganizing closets and cabinets this weekend to give myself a more peaceful place to relax. I love how you said that by doing less, we do more!

    • Ah yes clearing space is so important for this time of year. In my books clear space = clear mind = calm mom! It’s funny how intuition leads us where we need to go.

  • With winter coming, I find myself working at a slower pace and discovering that my painting process is taking me deeper and deeper into this creative journey. I find myself meditating more and building sacred corner all over my place. It’s kind of nice to feel warmth inside the house AND inside my heart. We do need stillness in our lives and maybe winter it’s the right time for it.

    • Exactly! This is why creating with your children lends itself well to this time of year. I will be posting more of that over the next few months. 🙂

  • I love the visual of the singing bowl and talking stick. For me, winter is a time of introspection and planning… and lots of extra snuggles 🙂

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! I love this Petrea, it is so important for us, especially women, to realise we are living in a world of artificial cycles and to learn to listen to the rhythm and wisdom within. Great post!

    • Thanks Jo! Yes, imagine a world where we are more connected to and following our rhythm. No more rushing frantically about, and we’d have time to listen to our children without feeling the need to beat the clock!

  • I agree that we need to give ourselves permission to do less, especially during this season. I am the “project queen” and I am learning that I need to let go, especially during this time of turning inward. Every year I get a little better about honoring this process.

    • Every little bit helps Linnette. Maybe just stretch out your projects longer savouring them, allowing yourself time to to contemplate a little longer than usual this time of year.

  • Beautiful post, Petrea. My family have never been the type to come together in this way, but at least one blessing from my dad’s illness is that we are drawing closer together as a family.

    Down here in New Zealand, it’s almost midsummer, so the seasonal energy is more outwardly focussed with everything bright and alive and growing and vibrant. But we could still use the opportunity to step back from all the doing every now and then to just be for a bit.

    Blessings – TANJA

    • Thanks Tanja, I’m glad to hear that your family is “drawing closer together” . It is amazing how the changing seasons can signal change for us as well, reminding us to follow a more natural flow.

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