Over the years I have gone to many yoga classes, taking in the asanas (poses) with my body and mind.  With my first and second pregnancy I took a special prenatal yoga class with a wonderfully wise and inspiring yogini who liked to end each class with words of wisdom, quotes, and her own personal stories.  I found these personal stories to be inspiring, yet practical for everyday.  Isn’t that what we all want?  Not some complicated formula on how to raise our children, be good parents or inspired beings.  I find stories about life to be practical in this way, they inspire, yet leave room for different scenes to unfold.

One of the tools my prenatal yogini taught me, was to send out blessings to others, particularly when the urge to be frustrated, upset or angry should arise (like when I am riding my bike in the city and a car cuts me off or drives carelessly close).  It’s really very simple; take a deep breath in, let it out, and in your mind send out blessings like “Peace to all beings……., bliss to all beings……., joy to all beings.” Of course you can say it out loud as well and it may even have a posistive effect on those around you.  It’s amazing how quickly this neutralizes the negativity that may have been stirred up.

Sometimes when I find myself getting frustrated either becuase the boys are arguing, or I have to repeat a request more than the usual amount of times, I remember this blessing and say it to myself and notice how quickly it grounds me and changes my response to a calmer more centred one.

Lets do an experiment! I would love to hear from others if this works for them or if you have a similar “tool” you use when you fear chaos will reek havoc.

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