A Guest Post by Becky Jaine of Monkey Shines for Glimpses of Family

My children and I spent an afternoon throwing rainbows and creating colorful explosions on canvas.

I called to Sonshine (my 2 year old) to get his attention for the picture,

and he “roared” his lion roar at me to share his delight.

My joyful art warriors!



This was the end result of a messy and hilarious family painting project we did together.  My husband, children and even our dog got in on the creative fun.  I documented the event sharing a simple “how-to” here 





Becky Jaine is a wife, mother, writer and creative arts enthusiast (in ever-changing priority). She passionately writes about what her family does to disconnect from technology, to be more fully present together. She calls these activities “togetherness projects“, encouraging families to occasionally disconnect to reconnect. Check out her Monkey Shines at www.MonkeyChiMonkeyDo.com .



One Response to “Glimpses of Family: A Guest Photo Series”

  • I love the family art collage what a wonderful way to spend the day-and how beautiful that the family dog was in on it too! Thanks for these joyous photos!

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