It has been about a year now that both Petrea and myself have started eating a low fat raw vegan diet. It has been a very positive and healthful transition for me and Petrea.  Prior to this we were mostly eating raw vegan foods that included lots of nuts, oils (mostly coconut), seeds and high fat fruit like avocados.  To take it even back further, we were vegan for about 12 years.

We had switched to a raw vegan diet slowly after Petrea started reading up on some of the benefits.  It seemed like a natural transition from a standard diet to vegetarian to vegan to raw vegan. But, for me this transition to raw vegan had some interesting results.  Rather than feeling better, I was feeling tired, cranky, sick, and had low energy.  My training (cycling) had slipped and I just did not have enough left in the tank to complete a workout.  On the days that I felt some energy, the quality of my workouts were poor.  I could not understand why and started to worry about what was going on. Now, worrying is not a good thing, it stressed me out and further fatigued my tired system. Read the rest of this entry »

I found this video the boys made a few years ago. Edited it.  Now its ready for you to enjoy!


Why not make one for yourself today! You can use any greens you want.

I made this simple but deliscious treat for myself to eat while I enjoy some alone time.  We all need alone time don’t we? The kids are at Greek School for a few hours  and I am enjoying the silence.  Don’t get me wrong, one is not better than the other, it just is, what it is.  And it is peacefully quiet presently.  Excuse me while I soak it in and savour my yummy treat . . . . . . .

Bananas, Strawberries, Apples, & Cacao OH MY!

Bananas, Strawberries, Apples, & Cacao OH MY!


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