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This site has grown out of my experiences as a therapist and a parent. I know how tough and complicated it can be to orient oneself through all the conflicting parenting information out there. The purpose of this site is not to tell you how to parent but to provide you with tools to help you navigate through all the information and make positive decisions. Parenting is a personal thing and different styles suit different families and even different situations. The tools you use should fit you, your children and your family.

The more you have to choose from at any given moment in a day in the life of your family, the better the chance that you will be able to understand your children’s cues and meet their needs with positive parenting in the moment. It is our hope that through the ideas and examples shared on this site you can build on and nourish your relationship with your children.


About us:

I am an Registered Canadian Art Therapist, and I work with children and parents using expressive arts therapy. I am also a mom to two boys under 11years. I parent them with my husband Christos who is also involved in the arts, namely music; he writes the music for the guided meditations we offer here. We are an active family: in the winter we x-country ski, snow shoe, ice skate, and in the warmer months we like to do back country canoe camping as a family, hiking, mountain biking and riding our bikes in the city.

So why the name “off beat family”? Well, we like to dance to a different beat than most, the way we eat (we’re vegan – Chris and I are raw-vegan), we have always exposed our family to a lot of arts regularly, whether its Native drumming, African drumming, Solstice parades, in the community or at home in our small music studio. The boys love to make art and music. My eldest son is a natural drummer, my youngest likes to play the digeredoo and is learning guitar, classical and electric. We have always tried to teach our children to be positive and to be grateful and to be less “consumers” and greater “creators”.











If you are new here and would like to get more of a sense of what we have to offer you here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Every Monday I run a free video series for parents called “Metaphor Monday”.  In this series I explore a different metaphor each week, viewing parenting from a different perspective. Check it out here too!
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  • Here is where you will find all the exciting kits and tools to enhance your inner spark and help keep parenting enjoyable and fun!





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