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The other week I stumbled upon a writing prompt I had written in my journal with the intention of responding to it later.  It was a series of prompts to write a letter to your self that I had found while blog hopping (sorry to say I could not find the original reference- but when I Googled it there were many renditions of the letter to Self).  One of them was to write to yourself 10 years ago.  I thought I would give it a try.


After just writing a few sentences I was struck  by how powerful this exercise was for me.   My intuitive parent stepped right in and began to respond with such empathy I was brought to tears.  Parenting is tough, we all know that.  But sometimes we can be our own worst critic, ruminating over how we should have done things differently or comparing ourselves to other parents who don’t seem to be having such a hard time.


For me 10 years ago was a very significant point in time as a parent  because it was really so near  the beginning of parenthood for me (my eldest son would have been 1 1/2 years old).   Allowing myself to speak to my “new” parent self now, after 10 years, also brought to light how very important it is to continue to show the same empathy for one’s self even later on in one’s parenting career.


Perhaps this is something each and every  parent can give themselves as a gift for the new year.  We often talk about empathy for our children when they are going through tough times, but how about extending that empathic understanding to ourselves?


Here are some excerpts from my letter to my younger parent self.  The advice I give myself is relevant at any point in my parenting, even to this day when my children are (almost) 8 and 11 1/2 years old.


Dear Petrea,

You are a great mommy who loves your little baby boy deeply.  I know it is hard to be away from him and you feel stressed because you wish that you could give him more of your time.

You worry. Don’t let your worry take over who you are and get in the way . . .   You will have another child.  You will learn more . You will make mistakes that you regret, but you must let go of that regret, you must pay it no mind for it will eat away at you and fuel your worry, your self doubt.

Know that you are a wonderful parent, a fantastic parent.  You are human , yes, you make mistakes, yes, but you can and will learn from  them.

You are the best mom your son has, he needs you, he needs you to believe in yourself.  For when you believe in yourself as a mother, as a parent, your son will learn to believe in himself.

Don’t worry that one year has passed.  There is still time, there is always time.  You are a great parent, know that, feel that, believe that, and you will see how much easier things will be,  your life will be easier, your parenting will  be easier.


Let go of the past.

Walk boldly, with confidence, into the future!

Love your Wise Parent Self.


No matter what stage of parenting you are at, whether it is 2 months in, or 2 years, 12 years or twenty years into parenting, it’s never too late to show your self some gentle understanding and acknowledgment for all of your hard work as a parent.  Sometimes all it takes is a little perspective of time to realize the beauty of what we have done as parents.  I invite you to write a letter to your younger parent self.  For showing compassion to yourself is the first step in letting go of past “mistakes” and moving towards the intuitive parenting that we all have inside.


This is a guest post by Loran Hill of Loran’s Heart for the Glimpses of Family Photo Series


We were visiting Vancouver Island last year and I saw these shoes. These shoes do not belong to a child of mine but they represent family to me anyway.


As a mother, I paid attention to little shoes and who was in them. I paid attention to where the little person went and made sure I knew where she was. I made sure she put her shoes back on when she was done playing. Now my little person is grown but I still buy her shoes and want to make sure she is safe and warm.



Loran Hills is curious about all things related to personal growth and spiritual development.  By opening her heart and letting her light shine, she is inspiring others to follow their own paths towards deeper inner meaning.  She is especially fond of encouraging others to journal with her prompts and nature photographs.

Find her on FacebookTwitterG+ and obviously her blog!


With the holidays upon us it’s easy to forget to take care of one’s self. I find myself rushing about baking gingerbread cookies  like the ones above I made last night from Naturally Yours’ video. We parents so often put ourselves last as we prepare for welcoming others into their home.


This season make yourself a priority. Be sure to take some time for yourself, to relax and regenerate. If you wait until its all over, you’ll miss out on enjoying what the holidays are all about. Below are some helpful posts to make the most out of this busy time of year. Enjoy!


Jo of the Red Box Company shares 10 tips for staying stress free over the holidays


Carrie Hensley of Free to Be Me has a great video with tips for helping you stay present and centered during the holidays.


Jackie of essence of wild has a wondeful post on taking cues from nature to find peace.

Gina of Veda Sun shares some tips on staying present with Awareness Practices for you and your family’s sake.


Tina of Open Roads Coaching has some great activities you can do with your family the grinch jar and wishing tree.


Pixie Campbell has a wonderful ceremony to let go of emotional baggage which you can do with your children to help them visualize letting go . You don’t have to celebrate the winter solstice to do this,it goes well with the traditional New Years letting go or releasing the year to make room for wishes .


And if you want to give yourself some play time I have just the thing on my sister site with my free Free Your Inner Child e-course


May your holidays be full of  peace, bliss and joy!


This is a guest post by Carrie Hensley of Free to be Me










“we are all part of something bigger . . . .”

Carrie Hensley, author or the blog Free To Be Me, writes about Honoring Our Path (Dharma). You can find her at




This is a guest post by Gina Rafkind and the sixth stop on her Anxiety Busting Blog Tour. Gina’s mission is to share awareness tips and tools in order to help other creative women who suffer with anxiety to wake up to their life so they can confidently unleash and share their gifts with the world. Gina says it’s time to stop being gripped by fear and hiding out, and time to create more freedom, love and connection! Enjoy!



Welcome to the Anxiety Busting Blog Tour!

What do I mean when I say “Awareness Practice”?


The awareness I’m talking about means to realize, or be conscious of, what’s going on in the present moment.


Usually when we are suffering from anxiety, we are not in the present moment. We are stuck in our head, thinking all kinds of horrible and stressful thoughts. And we are not even aware that we are thinking these thoughts……..that is where the key to healing anxiety lies… increasing your awareness of your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions and your life.


So how do we increase our awareness of life? Yep, you guessed it… having one or more awareness practices that you do ‘on purpose’, every day. And you know, these don’t have to be difficult or take a long time… you’re glad to hear that! And once you begin to practice them, they become more and more a part of your every day rituals, positively affecting your state of being.


Here are some Awareness Practices you can try out:


  • Every time you walk through any door in your home to go outside, take a moment to look up at the sky and notice the beauty that is there….the clouds, the sky…..and just notice them.
  • Every time you enter your car, take a nice deep belly breath before you start the engine.
  • When something happens that you don’t want to happen, notice the resistance in you. Notice where this resistance lives in your body. Feel that sensation in your body, allowing it to be there for a few moments.
  • Any time someone criticizes you, notice that you want to react, but don’t, and see what happens.
  • Every morning before you get out of bed, put your hands on your belly and take 3 deep breaths, feeling the rise and fall of your belly.
  • At night when you go to bed, repeat the step above……………


What an awareness practice does, is it brings you back into the present moment. It does not mean that you do not feel anything, it actually means you feel everything. I know this may sound scary to some of you. But allowing your Self to feel your emotions when they surface, without judgment, is the key to healing. If you do not feel them, they will surface with even more force another day. So suppressing your feelings will not get rid of them for good……it’s only a temporary fix. When you are in the present moment, anxiety lessens. Anxiety needs you to be thinking of past events or worrying about the future in order to exist.


When you are in the moment, being present with ‘what is’, there is spaciousness, openness and a sense of expansion. The more you commit to an Awareness Practice, the more you will have this spaciousness and expansiveness. And when you live more from this place, anxiety takes you over less and less. And when some sort of challenge surfaces in your life, you will be able to respond in the moment and handle the challenge with more ease.


And how does this benefit your loved ones? It benefits them in a huge way! Here are a few of them:


  • You will be a role model to your children in how to respond to life challenges
  • When one of your family members pushes your buttons, you won’t react. And by not reacting, that family member is given the gift of your presence.
  • By giving your family the gift of presence, you allow them the opportunity to become present as well.
  • By allowing your family members the opportunity to become present, you give them the opportunity to heal.
  • By giving your family the opportunity to heal, you help them transform and live a fuller life.


So now I want to ask you something:


Will you commit to having some sort of Awareness Practice? Will you do it every day, on purpose?


Let us know below….and if you are using an Awareness Practice now and want to share, we’d love to hear it!

If you’d like to learnmore on how to heal anxiety, I have a complimentary, content-rich teleclass in which you will learn:


  • One of the MAIN, KEY factors that causes anxiety and how to break free from it. This key factor I will be talking about is a main player that most people with anxiety experience and bringing awareness to it will release the grip of anxiety and bring more freedom and spaciousness to your life.


  • During this call I will also give you a preview of my new anxiety busting program that starts on January 23, 2012 (the day of the first new moon of 2012….a wonderful time for new beginnings :).


Click the link below to learn more about this new program and to register to receive the free teleclass – scroll all the way down and fill out the sign up box at the very bottom.


Click here to visit VedaSun.*


inhale ~ enjoy ~ exhale,




Gina Rafkind, CPC

Holistic Anxiety Coach

Gina is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Level 3 Practitioner & Licensed Cosmetologist.

She founded VedaSun to help women bust through anxiety so they can wake up to their life and achieve their dreams. Gina does this by sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has discovered throughout her evolving journey of healing anxiety. Her passion is to share these discoveries with you so you, too, can open the channel of awareness and by ‘waking up’, live a happier and healthier life.



*(Petrea here, this is an Affiliate link, but I wouldn’t be an affiliate unless I felt it was fantastic!  Gina is a dear friend and I trust her wholeheartedly!)


A guest post by Laurie Zak of Happy Me


my daughter Kaelyn, future son-in-law Jake and their soon-to-be-born son Ryatt.



the hands of my daughter Kaelyn gently cradling the head of my 3 day old grandson Ryatt



 my week old grandson Ryatt clasping hold of my finger with his hand


You’ll find more by Laurie Zak at

Her website

Her blog:


A Guest Post by Becky Jaine of Monkey Shines for Glimpses of Family

My children and I spent an afternoon throwing rainbows and creating colorful explosions on canvas.

I called to Sonshine (my 2 year old) to get his attention for the picture,

and he “roared” his lion roar at me to share his delight.

My joyful art warriors!



This was the end result of a messy and hilarious family painting project we did together.  My husband, children and even our dog got in on the creative fun.  I documented the event sharing a simple “how-to” here 





Becky Jaine is a wife, mother, writer and creative arts enthusiast (in ever-changing priority). She passionately writes about what her family does to disconnect from technology, to be more fully present together. She calls these activities “togetherness projects“, encouraging families to occasionally disconnect to reconnect. Check out her Monkey Shines at .



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