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Yesterday my eldest son, who was curious about the work that my husband Chris and I were doing on the website, decided he wanted to contirbute by making up his own language and post it on the website. He drew a picture and began to create his own symbolic language. Afterwards I thought to myself, that’s such a juicy metaphor for how kids operate.

They really do have their own language don’t they, and as their parents we are constantly trying to figure it out. Then like any new language one is trying to learn, there is only so much we can understand at any point in our learning before we scratch our head and say, “what does that mean?” (read – why is he doing that?) Or maybe we dont understand it because it is out of context, or there is a word we just are not getting the jist of because we are thinking in our first language. Read the rest of this entry »

A while back my husband and I decided to structure in some special time with the kids because of our work schedule and feeling we did not have a lot of time together as a family. While we had tried family game night where we play a board game (usually one that is cooperative rather than competitive) it just wasn’t as fun for the adults as when we were kids. Read the rest of this entry »

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